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Founded in 1984 ELETTROLAB boasts more than 30 years of expertise in design, development and production of systems and technologies for architectural lighting, the world of entertainment and much more.

The company established its business in the Italian lighting market during the early years of peaking requests for these new electronic technologies and since then, it has been pioneering, designing, testing and improving new concepts, models and products, keeping up with this fast-paced sector that witnessed, exactly in those years, the evolution of these products, becoming something more dynamic.

ELETTROLAB follows the quest for dynamic light by studying, developing and manufacturing in-house, advanced and fully customized brand new products for the most famous Italian brands in this segments. Just to name a few of them: coemar (www.coemar.com) , dts (www.dts-lighting.com) , sgm (www.sgmlight.com), griven (www.griven.com), spotlight (www.spotlight.it).

The company’s products portfolio includes: Switching power supply, ballasts for discharge lamps, DC motor drivers, DMX512 controllers and very accurate stepper motor drivers to control internal devices (such as pan and tilt, dimmer, strobe, CMY, shutters, framing devices, zoom, color, optics, prisms etc. ).

Since 1998 ELETTROLAB design and manufacture drivers for power LED systems. The company’s expertise and its know-how, allowed the group to directly interface and deal with all major world LED manufacturers.

ELETTROLAB offers nowadays all required “guarantees of use” for these products and ensures life expectancy, light output and heat dissipations.

Focused on R&D innovation and direct assembly & testing of new technologies, ELETTROLAB boasts one of the most trained and established team of designers, engineers and knowledgeable technicians in the world of lighting technologies.

Specializing in this field, the company has become one of the major players when dealing with advanced lighting solutions and highly customizable LEDs technologies.

The constantly updated cutting-edge testing equipment and the latest defined quality-control/assurance procedures, authorize for UL, VDE and CE measurements & certifications.

DELECTRA is a Brand of ELETTROLAB Group.