DMX, RDM, HUB devices and interfaces

DMX, RDM, HUB devices and interfaces

Electronic devices and advanced lighting technology networking solutions.


Ethernet interface Boards (even with POE technology)

DMX512A/RDM/ Proprietary RDM

Optoisolated HUBs for DMX512A signal transmission. Remote control of installed devices with RDM or REMOTO systems, with PC assisted full control of all functions implemented on devices. USB-RS485 bidirectional interface boards.


PLM (Power Line Modem) communication interfaces over electrical wiring.

Artnet to DMX 512 A

ARTNET-DMX512A-PLM bridge boards

Power Amplifiers

Usually used to increase fan channels driving capacity.

Reading from sensors

Optical and magnetic sensors for initial positioning (reset), and for implementation of incremental encoders to control stepper motors position.

Ambient light and temperature sensor boards.


We produce boards for reception and processing of signals from any infrared remote control device.

Ethernet 477


hub per led

Fan booster