Halogen lamps dimmers

Halogen lamp dimmers

High power lamp dimmers; phase cut technology to control the light intensity of halogen lamps.

Rated Power

From 1 to 12 output channels, from 1 to 60KW total, from 2.5 to 5 KW per single channel

Main voltage

110 to 230 v Single and three-phase 50/60 Hz; High efficiency with PFC and integral EMI filters

User interface

Simple and intuitive


Temperature, current and frequency measurement. Input and output monitoring. Fuses and /or breakers.

Control modes

Digital models are prepared for external communication via:

  • DMX512A. Inputs on / off switches to remote functions.
  • 7-segment display with keypad or remote accessory to access all functions including the monitoring of internal parameters (power, voltage, current, temperature, lifetime, etc …)