Halogen lamps power supply

Halogen lamps power supplies

Analog and digital electronic power supplies for halogen lamps. Available power levels and architectures are only an example: many other ones are available on demand.


From 750W to 1200W. Precision and power control, on digital version, by DSP microprocessors with upgradable firmware.


High efficiency with integrated PFC and EMI filters, low weight and minimal space.

User Interface

Digital versions allow the use of a digital ad hoc user interface and can be remote controlled by a dedicated PC based device (REMOTO).


Temperature measurement to control input and output sections with power derating  if necessary. Digital versions provide output channels for cooling fans control: fan speed is regulated to mantain best quite operation.

Control Modes

Digital versions are suitable for external communication by:

  • DMX512A  Port for device control (start up,dimmer)
  • On/off switched inputs and PWM dimmer for power modulation.
  • Intergrated Strobe effect controlled by DMX signal
  • 7 segment optional user interface or REMOTO device which allows access to all internal control and measure functions (power,voltage,current, temperature,lifetime,etc..)
  • RS485 bus for internal communication when device is part of a projector system.