Lamp Ballasts

Discharge lamp Ballast

Digital Electronic Ballasts for HR and CR ignition and control of discharge lamp HMI, MSR, SharXS, HTI, etc…

Power control precision is guaranteed by powerful DSPs with upgradable firmware.


From 250W to 2500W. Available power levels and architectures are only an example: many other ones are available on demand.


Flicker free output with short and open circuit protection. Changing frequency is allowed (exclusive facility) to compensate for resonances and eliminate annoying noises.

Power Supply

Extended range input voltage (100 – 240 Vac +/- 10%). High efficiency is achieved by PFC and integrated EMI filters

User Interface

7 segment display user interface or through dedicated device (REMOTO) for complete PC assisted remote control.

Internal Temperature Control

Two temperature measurement channels to control input and output sections with power derating  if necessary.

Output channels for cooling fans control: fan speed is regulated to mantain best quite operation.


Elettrolab provides, as an essential device, high voltage discharge ignitors from 3,5KV (cold restrike) to 35KV (hot restrike) suitable for all lamp models.


System can communicate with external world through classical DMX512A port for device control (start up, dimmer, strobo function). Ballast can operate even in stand alone mode through an external switch and lamp dimming can be obtained by any PWM signal.

By 7 segment optional user interface or REMOTO device you can have access to all internal control and measure functions.

Device can be integrated in a projector system as a smart peripheral able to communicate with other boards by RS485 serial bus.

Discharge and Halogen Lamps

Exclusive proprietary technnology permits control of different kind of lamp with the same Ballast. Just an example: the same Ballast can control 400/575/700W discharge lamp or 750W halogen lamp.