Led Drivers

Led Drivers

Hardware circuit library constantly update in components and devices in order maximize accuracy, stability and precision of the power delivered to all LEDs systems.

Overall superior quality and long-life product’s expectancy are granted for both, LEDs and power supply.

Hi-tech electronics and design know-how, built up by the Team during ages of direct experience on the field. Each product’s development follows specific goals: maximum quality, energy saving, affordability and reliability, life of the overall system and every single component.

Driving control

Dimming fine-tuning at any light intensity. The dimming curves of all our devices are highly customizable. Flicker-free PWM frequency control, provide maximum lighting comfort and video shooting with any type of camera.


Output Voltage range from 2 V to 200 V, currents, from 100 mA to 10 A, higher on request.

Input voltage either from DC-switching power supply or main voltage. Always providing safety compliance.

Temperature control

Dedicated hardware and software for measuring temperatures in both, LEDs system and its power supply are available.

Our products are provided with output channels for either regulated or on/off fans in order to achieve optimum thermal management of the devices if needed.

Fan-less hardware is available.


Elettrolab technical know-how covers all the followings communication protocols and much more: DMX512A, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, IR, PLM, DMX-Wi-Fi, Artnet, sACN, RDM…

Real time on-board clocks, ambience light sensors, sensors available