Software & Firmware Design

Software and Firmware Design

Elettrolab collaborates with customers in software and firmware specs definition, and makes available all experience acquired in many years of elecronic engineering

Software and Firmware Development

Firmware requirements are carefully evaluated together with hardware design in order to achieve greatest performances and cost-effectiveness


8, 16, and 32 bits microprocessors with DSP architectures.  FPGA and CPLD development

Upgradable firmware on all uprocessors boards to guarantee top performances and no problems at all

Internal debugging on beta release with customer supervision

Wide hardware and firmware library: essential resource to save development time and costs

Customer Support in Specs Definition

Specific experience in developing light control electronics allow us to support costumer in specs definition

Synergy With Hardware

Hardware and software are essential issues in development process: in sotware design we take into account hardware solutions implemented by engineers working in the same techical office