Stepper motor controllers

Stepper Motor Controllers

Electronic Boards for stepper motors control with microstepping technique or encoder feedback


From 5 to 300W and from 1 to 24 motors

Smoothness and precision

Movement smoothness and precision are guaranteed by long time practice and implementation of sophisticated algorithms as a result of many years of research.

For this purpose we use powerful DSP and microprocessors whose firmware is always upgradable.

User Interface

User Interface implemented by 7 segment display, textual or graphic LDC and OLED

Control and sensing

One or more channels for temperature measurement and on/off or regulated output channels for cooling fans control.

Fan speed can be monitored where safety is a requirement.

Elettrolab systems can measure light intensity and voltage and can interface with traditional or electronics ballasts.

Positioning and automatic alignment

Motor Initial positioning (reset) is obtained with magnetic or optical sensor, ontinuous alignement during movement is guaranteed by encoder feedback.

Control techniques

  • DMX512A port ( with RDM support)
  • Ethernet Port for many channels systems
  • WiFi modules are available on demand
  • Infrared Port for IR remote controlloPeculiar technologies, like Power Line Communication, have long been  part of Elettrolab know how and are more and more used to solve critical system issues

Many available systems

We produce many self interconnected boards to meet your requirements: boards can communicate by RS485, high speed sincronous and LVDS buses.

Elettrolab can design systems on specific customer request