Switching power supply

Switching Power Supply

For many years now, Elettrolab designs and develops AC/DC, DC/DC, Constant Current Mode (suitable for LED), single or multioutput from 10W to 800W switching power supplies.

Layout and Dimensions

There are no limits regarding layout and dimensions, because versatility has always been a company strenght: this allows development of power supplies suitable to be inserted in every kind of box, case,clamp,frame,shell, etc..


High efficiency, greater than standard products on the market, limits heat production and facilitates dissipation: so we can build high power supplies (800W) without cooling fans, to be used where silence is mandatory.

Smart Supplies

Power supplies, so far considered auxiliary components, today become real smart devices thanks to  microprocessors that allow them to be fully controlled.


Extreme attention to insulation and all related standards permits us to obtain a perfecly reliable product with regard to functionality and safety.